Cinque Terre

Hey blogees,

It has been awhile and I have allowed the sun and the wine and the coastal air take me away for a while. Prior to that, my family was here and that is enough of an excuse as it is.  During their 8 days here in Italy, I successfully fed them Gusta Pizza, il Latini, cafe affogatos from Gelateria Vestri, panini from Pino’s, we dined on bruschetta and fried seafood in Cinque Terre, sipped on Bellini in Venice and picnicked with Lambrusco, chocolate, cheese and sausage at Piazza Michelangelo.

After they left, Ashley and I quickly departed for Rome, after our Bus2alps trip there was canceled two days prior, we had to book our train and hostel spur of the moment. Ill save you the details for my post on Rome later. The weather has been generous with sun, but decided to hold back on us on our way to the Amalfi Coast the following weekend of April 25th. And fast forward to this weekend, post Potluck dinner and late night with out friends and Saturday morning cleaning, free wine at the restaurant during the day and free wine at night and Italian bars and leather jacket and salami sandwiches.

Anyways, the first place my family and I visited during their stay here was Venice. Since I had only been before at night time, it was a bit of a struggle meandering through the narrow streets following the “San Marco” signs. We took a ferry to Burano and they saw the colorful houses and I took them to the pizza place where I got my Lucifero pizza. We saw the glassblowing show in Murano and it was only 5 minutes long but some of the pieces are crazy good.

On Sunday we met with FlorenceforFun at the train station and got on a bus to Liguria, the region that Cinque Terre is a part of. Cinque Terre means “Five lands” and they are each connected by high hiking paths and their legendary pesto, limoncello, fish, and crisp white wines. The bus ride was about 2 hours and the five of us sat in the way back of the bus. When we arrived, we started off in Riomaggiore where the Lovers Path is. We didn’t stay in Riomaggiore long before we took a train to Manarola. In Manarola that is where the most beautiful view of the village is, all colorful houses in a serrated cliff, out looking the fresh blue Ligurian Sea. Here we ate the most amazing bruschetta my moms ever had. It was generously soaked in olive oil, piled with tomatoes, basil and big fat capers. We trailed up the side of the hill and all the flowers were blooming and there were palm trees and lemon trees and the sky was ripe blue.

From Manarola we took a ferry to Venezia, but you could also take the hiking route that promises some breathtaking views. Venezia was small and had a port area lined with boulders that people were just relaxing on in their speedo drinking beer, like one guy was. More inside the village there is a small cave you can walk through that brings you to a little beach filled with seaglass and imprinted rocks and what it seems to be pieces of buildings or pottery that were destroyed in the landslides. Auntie and I collected so many! From Venezia we took a boat again to MonteRosso which was my favorite place to visit. It was all beach and beach shops, filled with people tanning and drinking Drunk Ass Buckets from a smoothie bar blasting country music where a muscle man sliced limes for dads corona and my arctic mule. Mom, dad and Joc had done the hike so we rested at a beach side restaurant and had some bruschetta, fried seafood, & muscles pasta. We first were served with a platter of bread and olive dip, olive oil and pesto, and as soon as Dad had a bite he couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was, and we were all just stuffing our faces and kept repeating “Wow this is so good” as if we were savages haha! It was truly happy.

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