Brattleboro Baconfest: Bacon, Blues & Brews

imageEmma and I decided to take advantage of our free Saturday to go to the Brattleboro BaconFest. I heard about it on WINQ Country radio, one of the few stations we get in Keene, and thought, “That sounds like an adventure,” and I figured given my new paleo diet restrictions (Meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and water ONLY) it would be a perfect outlet before I REALLY started being strict with it. (I’m not supposed to be drinking beer, or eating fries drenched in southwestern queso.) Anyways, Emma and I set off on the cool Saturday morning just as it began drizzling.

We knew it was going to rain and figured, if anything, the rain would make the experience all the more valuable. We drove through back roads of Vermont sang old Gavin DeGraw hits, past rolling hilled farms and barns and lush greenery to Guilford Fairgrounds. From the “Hog Parking” spot we parked the car and we could hear the music and see the children running around, assuming this was more of a family oriented event.

We trudged up the sodden grass and went straight to the beer line, featuring Whetstone Station Craft Beers. The beer table was secluded in a fenced off area that we had to stay in with out alcoholic drinks, and like Emma said, we were “caged in like cows,” tightly squished hiding from the rain. As we stood in line, the woman in front of us was flailing around her bacon pretzel and maple bacon popcorn, and another man who walked by was carrying a cup of dark beer garnished with BACON. BEER GARNISHED WITH BACON.

 I was utterly amazed and couldn’t stop smiling an telling Emma how glad I was that we embarked on the hillbilly hoedown. Although we both prefer a more pale beer, we decided to go all out and  order The Baconator, which was a smoked brown ale that was flavored with bacon, as well as topped with bacon for an extra buck, which we also did. The brown ale was hard to get down, very full and musty tasting. My bacon ended up falling into my beer and then broke up into pieces within its beer bath, and I chugged it and chugged it while the lady in the pink corduroy pants sang the blues on the nearby stage until finally we could leave the cow cage and get some food.

Chocolate Brownie drizzled with Salted Caramel and Bacon bits

Bacon Chili Cheese Fries with Southwestern Queso (cheese)


Before leaving the cow cage, Emma and I surprisingly spotted a few friends from Keene. We really did not think anyone else would drive to Baconfest in the rain, but apparently the advertising did it’s job. By the time Emma and I finished our beer, the blues bands slowed down to take a break, and the rain got heavier. We laughed about getting the umbrella from the car, and made our way around to the grounds where various shops and restaurants featured bacon products. Local Burger, a popular burger place on Main Street in Keene was there, but most of the tables were running out of food. We sampled some beans with bacon bits and then waited in line for chili cheese fries and a brownie. The rain began to pour so we stuffed our faces, ran to the car, and drove to The Marina in Brattleboro to sit inside with a window view and drink hot tea.

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