Cinnamon Plum Tea and Limoncello Cake: India, Providence

imageHenna tattoos, a pink jewel studded gypsy dancer with long red hair, dimmed lights and hanging flower pots near an outdoor waterfall. The outdoor seating is under a canopy of flowered vines sparkling with lights,  the tables are decked with thick yellow napkins and hanging swings for seats.

Mom raved about this place to our family for months until we finally went during spring break. My sister and I had not eaten authentic Indian food before so I think we were both a little skeptical whether or not there would be anything from the menu we would know to order or eat. I think I ended up getting the shrimp kabobs with vegetables and basmati rice, a long grain rice traditionally from India or Pakistan, and kale salad with paneer and sweet dried papaya.  My sister ordered chicken and steak kabobs and we traded bites, sipped organic rooibos and mint iced tea and proceeded to a dessert of limoncello cake and chocolate lava cake (after our naan: oven baked flat bread and lentil soup appetizer)

Paneer, by the way, not a huge fan. Paneer is an South Asian cheese made with hot curdled milk, vinegar and lemon juice. It has a very rubbery texture and really not flavor at all. The kale salad is delicious, served with a light cucumber lemon vinaigrette.

Located a few minutes down from Thayer Street, India is a cute, cozy restaurant located on hope Street in Providence. Last weekend, my family and I decided to go for the second time to India after Auntie Lisa said “Let’s go,” and mom and I said, “Okay.” That easy.

It was the perfect night to sit outside the second time around. We sat on swings and ordered kabobs and masala. My steak kabobs were tender and chewy, ripe with the grilled rub of pepper, mushroom and cherry tomato. Instead of rice I ordered sweet potato that sat under the kabobs like a pillow; fleshy and warm cubed pieces.

And the masala, by the way is nothing short from the frozen chicken tiki masala dinner from Trader Joes, so #robust.

. My sisters boyfriend ordered that magnificent yellow drizzling piece of work called Mango Banana split with pineapple,gold  raisins and nuts.

I love India.

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